The FiberMega Story

FiberMega started as a personal mission to help someone I love dearly overcome her illness. My older sister Pam has always been like a second mom to me. While I was living in another state, she gained lots of weight and began feeling ill. (See picture below)

Because of her poor diet she was under a doctor’s care for “High Cholesterol” and related problems. Fortunately, her doctor was open to nutritional therapy and didn’t want to immediately put her on a statin drug like Lipitor or Zocor (because of the negative side effects). To start, he tried supplementing her diet with niacin for 30 days, which didn’t help much.

Ultimately, he gave my sister 60 days to "change her diet” or she would have to take the drugs. That’s when she called me (Little Brother). She knew that I had previously lost more than 60 pounds on a high fiber plant-centered diet (See picture below).

I was writing a book on nutrition at the time and I immediately shift my research focus to cholesterol-lowering foods. What I found in the research blew my mind!

To put it simply, I discovered that populations that ate the right amount and right types of natural whole food fiber had much lower rates of cholesterol, fewer heart attacks, and lower rates of strokes. More important, they were slimmer and had fewer cases of diabetes.

Was fiber a miracle nutrient? Why aren’t doctors telling their patients about this?

In many ways the answer is yes, seed-based fiber has several miraculous properties (cholesterol lowing, detoxing, gut healing, and inflammation fighting). I spent the next few weeks developing a powerful fiber blend of the unique seed-based fibers to help my sister. I combined the best fiber sources and cleansing herbs into mix that later became FiberMega.

After 30 days of eating FiberMega every morning my sister’s cholesterol was at a normal level and she didn’t have to go on statin drugs. Below is a picture of my sister 6 months later.

After this amazing discovery, I spent the next 4 years perfecting the FiberMega recipe. I don’t think I have missed a day of having it in the past 5 years. Since then several major health studies have been done that support the many benefits of certain types of “Prebiotic Fiber.

In 2015, my best friend and business partner, Chef Bill Collins and I joined forces to share the healing power of FiberMega with the World. Bill, a nutrition expert in he own right, had been a plant-base diet support for decades. He knew of the power of the ingredients in FiberMega, since he had also be eating them for many years.

May God Receive The Glory!